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Clarity Security’s unrivaled platform provides the tools you need to develop or enhance your identity governance practices.

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Long gone are the days of manually correlating identities across your environment to understand who has access to what. Clarity Security provides your team the advanced heuristics needed to protect from insider threats.

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License and entitlement management is the kryptonite of  application management. SaaS and legacy applications alike do not provide the dashboards required to make educated decisions. Clarity Security provides app teams the visibility they need to effectively manage their apps.

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Every year organizations are spending too much on unused IT licenses. The wasted budget could be directed toward infrastructure or application improves instead of keeping unused licenses active. Clarity Security automatically identifies and removes those licenses.

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Infrastructure teams should be focused on improvement and automation. Instead, too much time is spent on the arduous tasks of provisioning and deprovisioning user accounts. Clarity Security enables you to get back to the core of Infra Ops. 

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Human Resources is the first to hear about IT onboarding issues from new employees. HR shouldn't have to spend time coordinating with IT to make sure new hires start out on the right foot. Clarity Security is built to remove the headache.

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Accurate, complete, and timely are terms that are rarely associated with access certification and identity governance. Clarity Security eliminates the struggles of completing comprehensive user access reviews.

Meet the Clarity Security Platform

Unified Identities

Automatically identify, correlate, and combine identities across the infrastructure and application landscape. Generate a single source of identity truth that allows you to evaluate entitlement and application access down to the individual user.

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Life Cycle Management

Streamline the joiner, mover, leaver process using Clarity Security’s identity lifecycle management. Provisioning, access adjustments, and deprovisioning has never been easier. Our extensive event processor allows Clarity Security to perform any access adjustment at the drop of a hat.

Role-Based Access Control

RBAC is no longer just a buzzword. Clarity Security’s advanced role mining and heuristics allow you to deploy and easily manage RBAC at scale.

Illustration of an application screen
Illustration of an application screen

Audit & Reporting

Blockchain technology finally has its time to shine in identity governance. Collecting complete and accurate user access reports has never been easier. Utilizing our stateful and transaction-immutable QLDB ledger, you are able to provide auditors with the information they need without the headache.

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